Hot Reads: Pressure On SEC Rising Over Bitcoin ETF

June 17, 2022

Compiled by Staff


Pressure Mounts On SEC To Reconsider Spot Bitcoin ETF (Bitcoin Magazine)
A bitcoin spot ETF could unlock $8 billion in value for investors if the SEC approves Grayscale's bid to convert GBTC to an ETF.


Is Michael Burry Right Again About A Market Crash? (The Street)
The Big Short investor anticipates another market crash—this time of greater proportions. 


Time To Move To Cash? (Kiplinger)
The father of the 4% withdrawal rule did.


The Fed Is Being Punished (A Wealth Of Common Sense)
Is the Fed Reserve making a mistake?


A 10-Point Plan For The Bear Market (The Evidence-Based Investor)
Can ordinary investors do anything about all the volatility?


Real Assets May Still Prosper As Fed Fights Inflation (MarketWatch)
It's hard to get the "Inflationary Genie" back in the bottle.


Crypto Hedge Funds Deliver Bitcoin-Like Returns Without The Volatility (Institutional Investor)
New MPI analysis shows hedge funds have less downside risk, and that manager selection really matters.


Bond Market Losses Just Beginning (Advisor Perspectives)
It's too soon to call an end to America's worst bond market collapse in at least half a century.


The 12 Best REITs For The Rest Of 2022 (Kiplinger)
Resilient real estate stocks are an apt choice amid heightened inflation and market uncertainty.

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