Hot Reads: Is A Recession Looming?

Plus, widely watched yield curve at most inverted in decades after Fed hike.
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Is A Recession Looming? (Kiplinger)

History says we shouldn't panic.


Widely Watched Yield Curve At Most Inverted In Decades After Fed Hike (FA Mag)

When inverted, yield curves are often seen as a potential indicator of recessionary risk.


Tech Leads Stocks Higher As Market Digests Rate Rise (Yahoo Finance)

U.S. stocks surged Wednesday in part due to Chairman Powell's hinting the central bank may slow the pace of its rake-hiking cycle.


Inventory Swing Is A Key Culprit Behind US Recession Talk (Wall Street Journal)

The Commerce Department report on Thursday could further ignite recession worries in the U.S.


Will Rates Come Down In 2023? (Morningstar)

The Fed may pivot to lowering rates as inflation comes down and the need to shore up the economy grows.


Redefining A Recession (A Wealth of Common Sense)

Plus, boring stocks are outperforming.


Musk Crafts New Master Plan Before Tesla Pulls Off The Old One (Advisor Perspectives)

At some point, the Tesla CEO is going to blog again.


Howard Marks: 'I Don't Even Trust My Own Opinion About The Short Term' (Institutional Investor)

The Oaktree Capital co-chairman has never had patience for short-term thinking, and the current market downturn hasn't changed that.


A Collective ETF Trading Mentality (Advisor Perspectives)

Two ETF trends are starting to get some real traction.


SEC Tip Line Was Meant To Stop Another Madoff (Financial Advisor)

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