Hot Reads: Robinhood Targets $35B Valuation

July 20, 2021

Compiled by Staff


Robinhood Seeks Up To $35B Valuation In IPO (Reuters)
The anticipated debut could be a watershed moment for self-led investing.


Wall Street Watchdog Keeps Bitcoin ETFs On Ice (Wall Street Journal)
The lawyer who helped the first ETF launch says there’s reason for concern at the SEC.


Indexing At 50: Where Does It Go From Here? (Financial Times)
On passive investing’s growth and concentration of power.


SPY’ Bears Look Strong (Benzinga)
But bulls have opportunities.


Treasury Yields Plunge: A Look At Gov’t Bond ETFs (ETF Focus)
Treasuries have posted gains of 5-10% over the past few months, but they may not be done yet.


Hedging Inflation Harder Than It Sounds (A Wealth Of Common Sense)
Inflation is rocketing higher, but bond yields remain glued to the floor.


Must Rates Rise For Value To Advance? (Institutional Investor)
AQR’s co-founder argues against the widely held narrative of interest rates and value stocks.


Myth Busting: Equities Are An Inflation Hedge (CFA Institute)
Do equities offer any protection?


Factors In Focus: Size (Evidence-Based Investor)
How much of a premium can investors realistically expect?

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