Hot Reads: Should Bogleheads Invest In Crypto?

September 02, 2021

Compiled by Staff


Should Bogleheads Invest In Crypto? (Accidentally Retired)
How different types of cryptocurrencies can fit into the Jack Bogle philosophy of investing.


The 7% Yield Solution (ETF Focus)
A four-ETF portfolio that offers diversification, risk mitigation and high yield.


Road To Decarbonization (Visual Capitalist)
A breakdown of the electricity mix of the U.S.


How Widespread Is Greenwashing? (Evidence-Based Investor)
Product labeling and disclosure inconsistency has raised investor fears that fund provider ESG claims may be overstated or unreliable.


How Well Has Beta Predicted Returns? (CFA Institute)
Are the capital asset pricing model and beta effective predictors of future returns?


Building An Inflation Portfolio Using Asset Classes (FactorResearch)
The portfolio includes significant exposure to commodities.


Public Companies In Asia Make ESG Strides (Institutional Investor)
Firms on the continent are improving on MSCI’s ESG scorecards, but some key sectors are lagging.


What Is China's 'Common Prosperity' Drive? (Reuters)
An explainer on what’s partly driving Beijing’s tech crackdown.

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