Hot Reads: S&P Fined Over Volatility Index

May 18, 2021

Compiled by Staff


SEC Fines S&P Indices Over US 'Volatility' Crash (Reuters)
Index provider will pay a $9 million fine to settle SEC charges that its negligence in managing one of its indexes caused huge losses.


Tesla’s Musk Says Bitcoin Isn’t Decentralized (Business Insider)
The CEO points out that the bulk of the mining is very concentrated among very few miners.  


Bitcoin Is Crashing (Irrelevant Investor)
Right now, sellers have the upper hand.


The Spectacular Failure Of The Endowment Model (Advisor Perspectives)
It can’t beat the efficient markets model over the long term, says Michael Edesses.


Value & Momentum Risk Premia A Good Combo (Disciplined Systematic Global Macro Views)
Each has different sensitivity to macro risk factors.


For Retirement Withdrawals, 3% Is The New 4% (Muck Rack)
Due to historically low interest rates, you’ll need a 25% larger nest egg.


‘I’ll Buy On The Next Pullback’ (Irrelevant Investor)
Prices don’t fall 30% for no reason. Never have. Never will.


ESG Terms & Reports Are Confusing (Business Insider)
A panel of experts suggests another way to do it.


High Beta Stocks Top Factor Returns In 2021 (Capital Spectator)
"SPHB" edged up to a record close on Monday and remains firmly in the lead so far in 2021.


Asset Managers Need Identifiable Brand (Institutional Investor)
Otherwise they risk just blending in with the crowd.

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