Hot Reads: State Street's New Digital Unit Takes On $1.5T Cryptomarket

Plus, ETF investors have a new risk to worry about: unidentified aerial phenomena.
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State Street Launches Digital Unit To Take On $1.5T Cryptomarket (Institutional Investor)

Boston-based bank is aiming to tackle the nascent currency space in a “series of firsts.”


New ETF Risk Disclosure: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (CNBC)
One space-themed ETF has added the unexplained events to its risk disclosures effective immediately.


Commodity Prices Long Term (Disciplined Systematic Global Macro Views)

The long decline is over.


SEC Chairman Proposes Review Of Rules Underpinning Stock Trading (Advisor Perspectives)

The latest evidence that the meme-stock mayhem is likely to trigger an overhaul.


Lofty Muni Valuations Show No Sign Of Ebbing (Advisor Perspectives)

Munis have eked out a positive return in 2021, while most parts of the bond market have lost money.


Will WallStreetBets Crowd Come After Silver Again? (ETF Focus)

In the last meme stock run-up, the precious metal became a Reddit trader crowd target after GameStop and AMC.


How To Hedge Against Inflation (A Wealth Of Common Sense)

Stay invested in the stock market.


S&P 500 Hits Record Despite Hotter Inflation Data (Yahoo Finance)

A key print on inflation showed consumer prices rose faster than expected as demand surged during the recovery.


Why Index Funds & ETFs Are Good For Retirees (Morningstar)

Low costs and tax efficiency are obvious pluses, but so are ease of oversight and cash flow extraction.


Global Investable Assets Reach Record $250T (Institutional Investor)

Financial wealth rose significantly even amid the pandemic.


Seismic Shift (The Belle Curve)

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