Hot Reads: Stocks The ARK Space ETF Might Hold

February 26, 2021

Compiled by Staff


Stocks That May Be In Pending ARK Space ETF (CNBC)
Market experts speculate on what the yet-to-be-launched fund might hold.


Biggest Bitcoin Fund Sinks To A Discount As Traders Flee (Yahoo Finance)
The world’s biggest bitcoin fund is selling off faster than the cryptocurrency itself.


Why Stock Investors Are Worrying About Bond Yields (CNBC)
Bond investors are getting worried about the potential for inflation. 


Beware The Bitcoin-ARK-Tesla Connection (FA Magazine)
The problem with the consumer-led euphoria sweeping cryptocurrency and financial markets amid COVID-19.


Red Flags Raised Over Cannabis ETF Hype (Financial Times)  
Investors may not realize exactly what type of companies are in their marijuana ETFs.


The 2 Stocks That Appear In All 9 Top-Rated Dividend ETFs (ETF Focus)
From a starting universe of nearly 800 stocks, only two meet the criteria of dividend growth, sustainability, quality and high yield.


ESG Matters: Global Trends & Transitions (CFA Blog)
How are firms approaching the sustainability journey?


Some V-Shaped Economic Data To Cheer (Advisor Perspectives)
Charles Schwab’s Liz Ann Sonders highlights data pointing to a V-shaped recovery.


Will Rising Interest Rates Last? (Capital Spectator)
Reflation after the pandemic is to be expected, but will it persist beyond a return to “normal”?


Stock Market Is Smarter Than All Of Us (Wealth Of Common Sense)
And it really doesn’t care about “feelings.”


Yale, Harvard & Others Buying Bitcoin (Validea)
Some large university endowments have been “quietly" buying cryptocurrency for the past year or so.


The Fink Effect (Institutional Investor)
When Larry Fink writes an annual letter, it turns out companies actually respond to it.

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