Hot Reads: Surviving Thematic Fund Drops

Plus, Cathie Wood buys Tesla's dip.
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Lessons Learned From Surviving Thematic Funds (Morningstar)

Long-term success remains rare among this group.


Cathie Wood Buys The Tesla Dip (Yahoo Finance)
Tesla briefly dropped to being ARKK’s second-largest holding last week.


El-Erian's Worries On The Economy & Markets (FAMag)

Chief among his concerns is his feeling the Fed responded too slow to curb inflation.


Bond Values In A Volatile Market (Kiplinger)

The market's instability may not be over yet, but the latter half of the year should be less daunting.


Are TIPs Worth Considering Now? (Advisor Perspectives)

In the short run, their performance may be dictated more by price declines in the secondary market.


Is A Recession Likely? (Morningstar)

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