Hot Reads: Tech Shocks Reveal ETF Weak Spot

Plus, why the U.N. is asking central banks to scale back rate hikes.
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Tech Stock Shocks Test ETF Concentration Risk (Financial Times)
Even deliberately diffuse funds can still be caught by overexposure to once-fashionable companies.


UN Calls on Fed, Central Banks to Rethink Rate Hikes (Yahoo Finance)
A United Nations agency warned on Monday of the risk of a monetary-policy-induced global recession.


Preparing for the Next Global Catastrophe (Jackson Hole Economics)
Reforms are necessary to protect the most vulnerable from the next calamity.


Group Dynamics & the Fed (Disciplined Systematic Global Macro Views)
If everyone is thinking alike, then someone isn’t thinking.


Throwing Shade Is Solar Energy's New Superpower (Advisor Perspectives)
There's a new word to describe the marriage of agriculture and solar power: agrivoltaics.


'Woke Capitalism'? (CNBC ETF Street)
The ESG debate gets louder.


British Pound Sees Relief Rally (Benzinga)
Prime Minister Truss ditches tax cuts for super-rich.


FSOC: Unregulated Crypto Poses Threat to Financial System (Yahoo Finance)
The Financial Stability Oversight Council warned cryptocurrencies could pose risks if their overall scale or link with traditional banking grows without oversight.


Investor Opportunity Index Hits 2-Year High (The Reformed Broker)
Every bear market has two things in common: they end, and expected returns go up.


China, Elections and Petrostates (Institutional Investor)
What it all means for investors.


Gold Extends Rally as Treasury Yields Continue Retreating (Advisor Perspectives)
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