Hot Reads: Things To Buy In A Bear Market

Plus, an idea for incentivizing long-term investment.
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What Should Long-Term Investors Buy During A Bear Market? (A Wealth of Common Sense)
Why diversification matters even more during bear markets.


Should Long-Term Investors Pay Lower Fees? (The Evidence-Based Investor)
Can behaviors be changed by reducing fees for investors willing to commit to investing for the long term?


2 Certainties For 2H 2022? (Advisor Perspectives)
It's very likely the Fed will continue to tighten monetary policy and that earnings will continue to decelerate.


Consumer Spending Resilient Despite Inflation (FA Magazine)
BofA says pent-up demand for travel and leisure is countering rising gas prices and other increased costs.


High Yield Bonds See 'Massive' Outflows Amid Recession Fears (MarketWatch)
The first half of 2022 seemed to basically be a tale of two very different quarters.


Voyager Bankruptcy Rocks True Crypto Believers (FA Magazine)
The latest digital broker collapse rattles the industry.


12 Insights On Inflation, Recession & Where To Invest Now (ThinkAdvisor)
Strategists at J.P. Morgan see a good chance the U.S. will see a recession, but expect it to be brief and mild if so.


Your Guide To Sustainable Investing (CFA Institute)
The history and current practices of sustainable investing. is the single source for ETF intelligence. We provide real-time ETF news and analysis to educate investors and drive financial knowledge in the space. Our personalized and accurate information, alongside industry-leading financial tools, are depended upon to develop winning investment and financial decisions. At, we strive to serve both the individual investor as well as the professional financial advisor to educate and grow the ETF community.