Hot Reads: A Total Return Solution For EM Debt

Plus, inflation boosted the performance of commodity-linked stocks last month.
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Time To Consider A New Emerging Market Debt Approach? (Institutional Investor)
Instead of relying on the traditional benchmark-led approach, investors can do better with a mix of alpha strategies.


ETFs Tied To Commodities Were Lifted In May By Inflation (MarketWatch)
Plus, blockchain ETFs struggled during the month as bitcoin fell.


Compounding In The Stock Market Is Messy (A Wealth of Common Sense)
How compound interest works in the real world.


SEC Sends Warning About Meme Stocks (Barron's)
Reddit traders aren't happy.


Labor Market Cooling To Prepandemic Conditions (The Reformed Broker)
The peak in labor-related cost inflation is probably already in the rearview mirror.


Crypto's Value Comes From Crypto's Volatility (Advisor Perspectives)
How much do investors value the volatility of cryptoassets?


Inflation, Markets Drive High Anxiety (FA Magazine)
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