Hot Reads: Understanding Midcap Performance

June 14, 2021

Compiled by Staff


Midcaps: The Hidden Champions? (FactorResearch)
Digging into the performance of an overlooked segment.


Wannabe Bitcoin ETFs Mushrooming (Bloomberg)
A slate of companies are releasing or planning “bitcoin adjacent” products.


Crypto's Image Takes Beating In Washington (Yahoo)
Bitcoin ETF among products at risk of being sidelined.


Bitcoin Plan Roils Crypto World (Advisor Perspectives)
The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision proposed that a 1,250% risk weight be applied to a bank’s exposure to bitcoin and certain other cryptocurrencies.


A Framework To Drive ESG Financial Discipline (CFA Institute)
An emphasis on value creation would bring much-needed financial discipline to ESG investments.


Upside-Downside Capture In Hedge Funds (Disciplined Systematic Global Macro Views)
It’s useful for helping to determine the valuation of the funds.


Democratizing Alternatives (Institutional Investor)
Industry veterans at Emles Advisors launch hedge-fund-style ETF.


Comparing Tax-Loss Harvesting With ETF Investment (Alpha Architect)
The specific comparison of tax-loss harvesting in an SMA versus investing via an ETF vehicle.

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