Hot Reads: US Adds 850K Jobs In June

July 02, 2021

Compiled by Staff


US Adds 850K Jobs In June (Yahoo Finance)
The figure beats consensus estimates by 130,000, but the unemployment rate increased by 0.1%.


Robinhood Reports Having 18 Million Users In IPO filing (CNBC)
The no-commission trading app filed for an IPO the day after it paid the largest fine in FINRA history.


Skybridge CEO Scaramucci Plans Ether ETF (Business Insider)
The executive discussed plans for both a private fund and an ETF based on the cryptocurrency on a recent podcast.


Comparing Income ETFs (Forbes)
A look at performance and other qualities investors should consider.


The Index Fund Turns 50 (CFA Institute)
A brief history on passive investing before the mutual fund took off.


Why Do Investors Favor Index Funds For Emerging Markets? (Institutional Investor)
Now may be the time to take an active look at fast-growing corporates outside of indexes.


Factor Exposure Analysis: Exploring Residualization (FactorResearch)
Making the independent variables more independent.

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