Hot Reads: What Are 2022's Safe Havens?

Plus, the potential hawkishness of emerging market central banks.
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Which Asset Classes Are 2022’s Safe Havens? (ETF Stream)

Gold, Swiss francs and U.S. Treasuries could provide protection this year amid inflation.


Emerging Markets Walk A Fine Line (Advisor Perspectives)

Emerging market central banks, taking their cue from the Fed, will likely remain hawkish.


‘The Rewards Are Going To Be Enormous’ (Benzinga)

Why Cathie Wood isn’t worried about unrealized losses.


Value Stocks Are Back—At Least For Now (Institutional Investor)

U.S. large cap growth stocks may no longer be the safe bet investors expect once higher interest rates pressure equity valuations.


7 Charts On The Rapid Ascent Of Active ETFs (Morningstar)

Though tiny, active exchange-traded funds generated an outsize share of flows in 2021.


Charlie Munger Expects Index Funds To Change The World (Wall Streeet Journal)

Warren Buffett’s business partner says passive funds wield too much power.


Don’t Confuse Strategy Alpha With Asset Allocation Beta (Capital Spectator)

The proper way to decompose returns is by first recognizing that asset allocation usually plays a big role in driving results.


How Do Investors Fail? (Of Dollars & Data)

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