Investing with Purpose for Veterans

Investing with Purpose for Veterans

Support veterans with the charitable FLDZ ETF



The River North Patriot ETF (FLDZ) offers a unique opportunity to combine your investment goals with supporting a worthy cause. FLDZ invests in mid-to-large cap companies domiciled and listed in the U.S., with a focus on those generating the majority of their revenue domestically. This approach allows you to invest in the continued growth of American businesses while staying aligned with core domestic equity allocations in your portfolio.

Make a Difference with Your Investment

FLDZ goes beyond traditional investing. A significant portion of the fund's advisory fees and potential profits are donated directly to the Folds of Honor Foundation.  This non-profit organization awards scholarships to the spouses and children of America's fallen or disabled military service members and first responders. By investing in FLDZ, you're not only supporting American companies, but also honoring the sacrifices of our nation's heroes and ensuring their families have access to educational opportunities.

Invest for a Brighter Future  

FLDZ is designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing portfolio. The fund's focus on established U.S. companies aims to deliver capital growth while minimizing deviation from benchmark performance. This allows you to invest in a way that aligns with your financial goals while making a positive impact.

  • Invest in American Businesses: FLDZ focuses on the growth of U.S. companies.
  • Support Our Heroes: A portion of the fund's fees benefits the Folds of Honor Foundation.
  • Seamless Portfolio Integration: FLDZ complements existing core domestic equity holdings.
  • Invest for Capital Growth: FLDZ seeks to deliver long-term investment returns.

Honor their sacrifice. Invest for their future. Choose the River North Patriot ETF (FLDZ) today. 

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