An ETF(.com) Revolution

Welcome to the newest disruption in the investment world.

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Welcome to the newest disruption in the investment world.

Welcome to!

After 10 years of service, is gone.

Don’t worry: All the great content, writers, columnists and data you loved at IndexUniverse are still here. They’ve just moved to our new and powerful URL:

But that’s not all.

We have worked tremendously hard over the past year adding features and functionality to make not just good, but great.

We think the new site has the power to change the way you interact with ETFs, providing you with the tools, insights and analysis you need to make better investment decisions.

ETFs have been a disruptive force in finance, and we plan to be as well. They’ve brought institutional caliber investments to a broad range of investors, giving retail investors amazing access to investment segments and strategies, with low fees, targeted exposures and high levels of liquidity. This access was available only to the largest institutional investors 10 (or even five) years ago, but today, it’s available to all.

When we decided to rebrand our company as, our goal was to do for ETF information what ETFs have done for investing. We want to change the investing world by offering institutional-caliber ETF analytics and data to everyone.

As many of you know, we’ve spent the past four years building an institutional-quality data and analytics engine. With millions of dollars in investment, we believe our ratings, rankings and ETF analyst reports are the best in the business. And over the years, we’ve built a nice business, selling $2,000/year seat licenses to some of the most sophisticated ETF investors in the world.

But now, with the launch of, we want to give it to you.

For free.



We have moved our $2,000 annual analytics product to an open-access platform, and have changed our business model from one of a niche data provider to sophisticated institutions and large advisors to one aimed at providing everyone equal access.

Why? First, because we feel it’s the right thing to do. We see investors making bad decisions based on bad analytics all the time, and we have the tool to put an end to that. How could we not?

Second, we think the broad market of advisors and investors is ready for institutional-caliber tools.

Third, we believe this is a Silicon Valley-style play for real estate. With our best-in-class analysis available for free, will be the destination for anyone looking for information about or related to ETFs.

We aim to dominate information in one of the rapidly growing (and investor-friendly) segments of financial services. Looking for the best information on the SPDRs S&P 500 ETF? Go to In fact, you can get our opinion on any ETF by typing, using any ETF ticker you want—(,, and so on.

Don’t know what you’re looking for? Would you like to explore and compare ETFs in any permutation imaginable? Go to and you can explore comparative reports on more than 400 ETF market segments covering all U.S.-listed (more than 1,500) ETFs. You can search and sort ETFs in any sector, regional or asset-class grouping imaginable there. For free.

There’s more, too.

Are you interested in having access to the best-imaginable compilation of macro research? Our new, subscription-based Alpha Think Tank product compiles weekly insights of participating luminaries like Nouriel Roubini, Dennis Gartman, Peter Schiff, Tom Dorsey, Ed Yardeni and others.

We then tie their thoughts to our ETF segment research to help you find the very best ETF to track where these leading minds believe the market is headed. It’s $299 a year, an incredible bargain. (To subscriber or receive one sample copy, email us at [email protected].)

Alternatively, peruse the regular columns of our “ETF Strategist Rock Stars.” These are some of the biggest ETF investors in the world, offering you investment ideas you can use today.

In short, the ETF world is now your oyster. For free. Enjoy!



Jim Wiandt is founder of and ETF Report. He founded in 2001, creating the central hub for information and analysis on indexes, index funds and ETFs. Wiandt then acquired "Indexes: The Journal of Index Issues" from Dow Jones. In 2003, he purchased the Exchange-Traded Funds Report.