Nominations Open For 2016 Europe Awards

December 19, 2016

2016 is tracking to be a record or near-record year for the ETF industry in Europe, with total assets under management spiraling past the 500 billion euro point. Established giants like BlackRock have continued to vacuum in assets, while new and established providers have gained a foothold as well.

Against this exciting backdrop, Inside ETFs and are joining forces once again to put on the 3rd Annual European Awards, recognizing the people, companies and products that are moving the industry forward in Europe and creating better outcomes for investors.

Nominations for the awards are now being accepted by clicking on this link. Details on how to submit nominations—as well as the categories, process and voting methodology for the awards—are listed below.

Winners in each category will be announced at the European Awards Dinner, taking place at The Gherkin on 27 April, 2017. Winners will also be announced on the website directly after the awards ceremony.

Methodology Europe Award winners are selected in a three-part process designed to leverage the insights and opinions of leaders throughout the ETF industry.

Step 1

The awards process begins with an open nominations process, which starts 19 December, 2016 and closes 20 January, 2017. Interested parties are invited to submit nominations using this survey form. Self-nominations are accepted. You cannot win if you are not nominated, and no nominations will be accepted after the deadline. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Step 2

Following the open nominations process, the European Awards nominating committee—made up of senior leaders at Inside ETFs, and the FactSet ETF team (whose data powers the website)—will vote to select up to five finalists in each category. Votes will be cast on a majority basis, and ties broken where possible with head-to-head runoff votes. If ties cannot be broken, more than five finalists are allowed.


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