Fund Manager Shares What’s Next for Spot Bitcoin ETFs

Volatility Shares’ Barton shares his thoughts on spot bitcoin ETFs and more.

Reviewed by: Staff
Edited by: Kent Thune

The launch of the first spot bitcoin ETFs in the U.S. has Stuart Barton excited. He’s the co-founder and CIO of Volatility Shares, the issuer behind the 2x Bitcoin Strategy ETF (BITX).

In this episode of Talk ETFs, senior analyst Sumit Roy sits down with Barton to talk about that, as well as many other related topics, including what comes next after a spot bitcoin ETF; how spot bitcoin ETFs will impact bitcoin futures ETFs; and what types of crypto ETFs Volatility Shares might eventually launch.

Even though Barton doesn’t have a horse in the race, he’s been following spot bitcoin ETF developments as closely as anyone.

“From what I’m hearing, this could be a big event. We could be seeing billions of dollars on day one; that would be exciting,” Barton said.

But if that’s the case and spot bitcoin ETFs are as successful as Barton and others believe they will be, why hasn’t Volatility Shares entered the fray?

Stuart Barton is a volatility trading specialist with 20+ years’ experience managing volatility portfolios. He holds a PhD in Economic History from the University of Cambridge, an MBA from the University of Surrey, and an engineering degree from the University of Cape Town. Barton is a CFA charter holder.

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