How the ETF Rule Transformed the Industry

CIO at 3D Capital Management Ben Lavine talked about the importance of the ETF Rule during the Awards ceremony in May.

Reviewed by: Lisa Barr
Edited by: Sean Allocca

Most new issuers today aren’t thinking about taking down the Goliaths, but hoping to carve out a corner of the industry with a new and inventive strategy. According to Ben Lavine, that’s all because of the milestone 2019 ETF Rule that enabled ETF issuers to more easily bring new strategies to market. We’re now witnessing the fruits of that new regulation, he said.

“Were seeing different flavors of ETFs now, ones that arent tied to the past rules-driven approach,” he said. caught up with Lavine on the red carpet of the Awards ceremony in May.

“Now we have a lot more active ETFs, with new categories, and we’re thinking about ETFs differently because of the ETF Rule than perhaps we did before,” he said.

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