JEPI, Spot Bitcoin: Most-Read Articles of 2023

JEPI, Spot Bitcoin: Most-Read Articles of 2023

Readers were also hungry for ETF educational articles.

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2023 has been a year of surprises for ETF investors. 

Who would have predicted last December that by the beginning of 2024, the Securities and Exchange Commission would be potentially days away from approving a spot bitcoin ETF, SPY would have brought in the most net asset inflows during the year and QQQ would have rallied over 55%? 

To recap the year, let’s look back at the 10 articles our readers were most interested in 2023:  

  1. Best ETFs for Beginners: The Complete Guide by Kent Thune. Learn about why diversification, accessibility and cost are key factors to look at when considering your first ETF investments.  
  2. Is JEPI’s Wild Ride Coming to an End? By Jeff Benjamin. Covered-call funds such as JEPI thrive in market volatility. As the economy settles, will the fund’s stellar run come to a close? 
  3. Spot Bitcoin ETF Takes Giant Step Toward Approval by Lucy Brewster. The Securities and Exchange Commission opted not to appeal the pivotal court ruling favorable to Grayscale Investments, closing the door on the agency’s one legal route to deny the approval of a spot bitcoin exchange-traded fund.
  4. Dividend ETFs: VIG vs SCHD Comparison Guide by Kent Thune. Learn the difference between these two dividend-paying stocks ETFs.  
  5. 10 Best Bond ETFs for a Slow Economy in 2024 by Kent Thune. Bond ETFs had a stellar year in 2023, and advisors say they will have a pivotal role to play in 2024.  
  6. First Quadruple Leveraged S&P 500 ETN Proposed by Lucy Brewster. MAX ETNs pushed the envelope with its risky XXXX product.  
  7. The 5 Best AI ETFs by 2023 Performance by Sumit Roy.THNQ and AIQ dominated the stellar performance of AI stocks this year.  
  8. The 5 Best Small Cap Value ETFs of 2023 by Kent Thune. Learn why FYT and AVUV were the top small-cap value ETFs.  
  9. 10 Best Emerging Market ETFs of 2023 By Performance by Kent Thune. The top performers, including EDIV and EEMS, focused on dividend-paying stocks and smaller capitalizations. 
  10. SPX vs SPY: What's the Difference? By Kent Thune. Learn what makes the SPX index different from the SPY ETF.  

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Lucy Brewster is a finance reporter at covering asset managers, emerging technologies, and regulation. She hosts webinars and appears on Exchange Traded Fridays,’s flagship podcast. She previously was a finance fellow at Fortune Magazine where she covered markets, investment strategy, and venture capital. She has also been a freelancer writer at the publication Mergers & Acquisitions and a research fellow at the Historic Hudson Valley. 

She graduated from Vassar College in 2022 with a degree in History and was an editor of The Miscellany News, the college's award winning student run newspaper. 

Lucy lives in Brooklyn, NY, and in her free time she loves to run and find new recipes to cook.