Why Franklin Templeton Is Going 'All In' on Crypto

Why Franklin Templeton Is Going 'All In' on Crypto

Franklin’s head of digital assets talks bitcoin and crypto.

Reviewed by: etf.com Staff
Edited by: Kent Thune

Franklin Templeton is as “TradFi” as it gets. The 77-year-old company is a huge player in the asset management industry, with $1.5 trillion in assets under management. But the traditional finance company is embracing crypto in a major way.

Why is Franklin betting so heavily on crypto? In this episode of Talk ETFs, etf.com senior analyst Sumit Roy sits down with Roger Bayston, head of digital assets at Franklin Templeton, to find out.

Not only did Franklin Templeton launch the Franklin Bitcoin ETF (EZBC) earlier this year—one of ten spot bitcoin ETFs currently listed in the U.S—it let the world know just how committed it is to the crypto movement by adding laser eyes to its familiar Ben Franklin logo.

In addition to talking about crypto generally, Bayston explains what makes the EZBC unique compared to competing spot bitcoin ETF.

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