Why TSLL Became the First Billion-Dollar Single-Stock ETF

Why TSLL Became the First Billion-Dollar Single-Stock ETF

How traders are using TSLL and other single-stock ETFs in their strategies.

Reviewed by: etf.com Staff
Edited by: Kent Thune

Single stock ETFs have become much more popular than many had expected. The Direxion Daily TSLA Bull 1.5X Shares (TSLL) became a $1 billion ETF earlier this year as traders used the ETF to make aggressive bets on one of the most exciting stocks in the market. ETFs tied to other hot stocks like Nvidia and Amazon have also been a hit with traders. 

In this episode of Talk ETFs, Ed Egilinsky, managing director at Direxion— an ETF issuer known for its leveraged and inverse funds—explains how and why TSLL grew so quickly. 

According to Egilinsky, TSLL’s success isn’t all that surprising given Tesla’s cult following. “Telsa is just its own entity unto itself—it’s a polarizing stock—and it’s also always in the headlines one way or another,” he said.  

Egilinsky also talks about which other single-stock ETFs are seeing interest from traders, as well as how traders are utilizing these funds to potentially profit.  
Edward Egilinsky is managing director, head of sales and distribution and head of alternative investments for Direxion. As such, Ed focuses on global product implementation within the institutional and tactical client segments, as well as promoting ETF education and strategy, throughout the financial industry. Ed is also responsible for managing the Direxion ETF sales team, where his focus is to drive the firm's product development initiatives, internal and external product messaging and training and support of product delivery. 

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