ETF Issuer WisdomTree Registers Slate of Mutual Funds

The nine funds bring blockchain management to indexing.

Reviewed by: Shubham Saharan
Edited by: Shubham Saharan

WisdomTree Investments Inc., known for its 80 exchange-traded funds covering a breadth of investing opportunities, registered to issue a slate of mutual funds. 

The nine funds range from investing in traditional areas such as a top 500 stock index to more esoteric areas like Twitter sentiment, according to a Sept. 29 filing.  


The nine funds include the following:  

All funds will have their shares recorded both in physical books as well as blockchain through Virginia-based transfer agent Securrency Transfers Inc., to maintain a secondary record of its shares, the filings state. Ownership of the fund’s shares will be recorded via Stellar or Ethereum blockchains. None of the funds will charge a management fee.  

The filings follow this week’s launch of the WisdomTree Short-Term Treasury Digital Fund (WTSY), which uses a similar crypto-backed technology.  

WisdomTree is seeking to take advantage of the “innovation in the digital asset and blockchain space these past several years,” Will Peck, WisdomTree’s head of digital assets, said in a blog post Monday. “Through using a ‘responsible DeFi’ approach, WisdomTree aims to leverage this innovation in seeking to continue to create a better investor experience.”  

DeFi is short for decentralized finance, financial infrastructure that uses blockchain as its supporting technology. 

WisdomTree has $48.5 billion in ETF assets under management, according to data. parent ETFS Capital, in a partnership with Lion Point Capital, own 13.5% of Wisdom Tree's common stock. 


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