T-Rex Pushes Single-Stock ETFs to New Levels

The latest flight of 2-times levered ETFs features, Apple, Alphabet and Microsoft.

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Scrappy innovators Rex Shares and Tuttle Capital Management are once again pushing boundaries with a trio of ETFs that are not for risk-averse investors. 

The same partnership that in October launched 200% levered and inverse exposure to Tesla and Nvidia in a single stock ETF wrapper is offering the most aggressive investors similar exposure to Apple Inc. Alphabet Inc., and Microsoft Corp. 

The latest addition to the T-Rex Single Stock ETF suite, which started Thursday morning, is the T-Rex 2X Long Apple Daily Target ETF (AAPX), the T-Rex 2X Long Alphabet Daily Target ETF (GOOX), and the T-Rex 2X Long Microsoft Daily Target ETF (MSFX).  

"As the only provider of 200% long and negative 200% daily targeted leverage single stocks in the United States, we’re committed to continuously exploring and creating dynamic trading solutions that redefine what’s possible in the ETF market,” Rex Shares chief executive Scott Acheychek said. 

Single-Stock ETFs With a Punch

This second-round launch is unique because of the absence of inverse versions.

Matthew Tuttle, chief executive of Tuttle Capital Management, confirmed that the firm is still considering inverse versions, but that the asset flows into the four original leveraged, inverse single-stock ETFs prove that the appetite for inverse is weak right now. 

Of the $124 million that has flowed into the ETFs offering separate long and short exposure to Tesla and Nvidia, just $4 million has gone into the inverse funds. 

“The interest we’re seeing has been much more on the long side,” said Tuttle, who attributed the lopsided fund flows to current market conditions and the overall investment outlook. 

“The bull market looks to be continuing, the Magnificent 7 performance is insane, and everyone is looking at a soft landing,” he said.

While Tuttle doesn’t believe now is the time for more inverse strategies, he isn’t abandoning the idea. 

“I think we’ll do the inverse on these three stocks at some point,” he added. “We are definitely not abandoning inverse strategies.” 

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