Thursday Hot Reads: These ETFs Generate Capital Gains

Also, why bonds are crashing is a good thing.
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Here's what we're reading this morning:

Currency-Hedged ETFs A Capital Gains Culprit (Morningstar)
But so are bond ETFs and those ETFs with assets that don't allow in-kind redemptions.

BofA Retail Investors Sell Stocks & Buy ETFs (ValueWalk)
Bank of America's retail clients are flooding money into ETFs while selling individual equities.

Bonds Will Continue To Crash — & That’s A Good Thing (ETF Daily News)
Selling of bonds fueling the buying of equities.

Top Stocks In The Dow As It Nears 20K (Investor's Business Daily)
The stocks leading the industrial average to the 20,000 mark include financials, oil, health care and industrial companies.

8 Rules For 8% Income Investing In CEFs (Contrarian Outlook)
This rising-rate environment has income seekers scared of closed-end funds.

How Behavioral Biases Lead To Hard-To-Capture But Sustainable Alpha (Kitces)
A growing base of data suggests the amount of available alpha is shrinking.

FMD Capital’s Top 10 Posts Of 2016 (FMD Capital)
A look back at portfolio management thoughts throughout the year. 

Plan To Tax US Imports Could Become Law (CNBC)
The so-called border-adjusted tax has a 30% chance of becoming law, according to one expert.

Trump Team Floats Tariffs (CNN)
Future White House chief of staff Reince Priebus has told key Washington players that one idea being debated internally is a 5% tariff on imports. Podcast: 4 Big Themes Shaping Up For 2017
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