Trump’s DJT Jumps, MAGA Bumps as Debate Nears

Trump’s DJT Jumps, MAGA Bumps as Debate Nears

Trump’s stock rose nearly 25% midday Monday.

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DJT stock rose as much as 25% midday Monday while the Point Bridge America First ETF (MAGA) rose 1% as investors eye an expected cash infusion for Trump’s media technology company as Thursday’s presidential debate approaches.  

The jump in Trump Media & Technology Group Corp.’s (DJT) share price appears to be fueled by the former president’s company announcing Friday in a press release that it expects to receive more than $69.4 million in proceeds from the cash exercise of warrants. 

The warrants, contracts to buy a stock at a set price later, became available after the Securities and Exchange Commission declared effective the company’s June 18 registration statement on Form S-1. 

If all the warrants are exercised for cash, Trump’s media company may receive up to $247 million in proceeds.  

While the MAGA ETF, which invests in stocks of U.S. firms backing Republicans, doesn’t hold DJT stock, it’s trading near all-time highs as investors bet on a win by former President Trump, who appears to be in a dead heat with President Biden. 

Is DJT Stock a Good Investment?

DJT's stock valuation is a complex issue with some key points for investors to consider: 

  • Limited financial history: DJT, formerly Digital World Acquisition Corp (DWAC), merged with Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG) in February 2022. This means there's a short track record for analyzing financial performance. 
  • Uncertain user base: Truth Social, TMTG's flagship platform, has had lower than expected subscriber growth. This makes it difficult to predict future advertising revenue, a crucial income stream. 
  • Meme stock potential: Some analysts view DJT as a meme stock, where price movements are driven by political and social media hype rather than fundamentals. This can lead to high volatility. 

Some analysts believe DJT is currently overvalued based on Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) models. For example, the company whose top holding is Trump’s media platform, Truth Social, lost more than $300 million during the first quarter and generated very little revenue.  

Investors thinking of buying shares of DJT stock should keep in mind that, due to the factors mentioned above, DJT's valuation is based more on speculation than traditional financial metrics.  

What Is the MAGA ETF?

The MAGA ETF, also known as the Point Bridge America First ETF, tracks the performance of large-cap US companies that tend to support Republican candidates financially.  

This ETF offers a unique way to invest based on political alignment, rather than traditional factors like industry or growth potential and investors should keep in mind that past political contributions don't guarantee future price gains for the fund’s holdings

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