Tuesday Hot Reads: Millennials Play With ETF Fire

Exchange-traded funds have never been more popular, particularly after the election.

Reviewed by: etf.com Staff
Edited by: etf.com Staff

Here's what we're reading this morning:

Millennials Piled Into Bad ETF Trades After The Election (Bloomberg)
Putting money into leveraged gold and VIX products was a costly mistake. 

Year In A Word: ETF (Financial Times)
Popularity of the alternative to mutual funds has soared.

$100 Billion Pours Into US ETFs Post-Trump (CNBC)
U.S. investors flood ETFs with $100 billion after Trump's victory.

Probing The Millennial Mind In The Evolving World Of ETFs (WealthManagement)
Head of U.S. for ETF Securities says firms need to rethink branding, marketing and product development strategies to better speak to this generation’s needs.

ETF Deathwatch For December 2016: Sector Sickness (Invest With An Edge)
Sector ETF suites have a tremendous barrier to entry: the entrenched SPDR Select Sector family.

Your Biggest Investment Mistake Of 2016 (FMD Capital Management)
It’s a good time to reflect on mistakes that were made in your investment portfolio.

China's ETF Market Favors Local Providers (Bloomberg)
Hong Kong's most successful China ETFs are run by local firms.

Mexico ETF Faces Uphill Battle (Zacks)
A number of factors are depressing the performance of Mexico's market. 

Wells Fargo Lining Up Robot Stock Pickers For Its First-Ever ETF (Bloomberg)
Newly acquired quant shop to investigate multifactor ETFs.


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