Why We’re Excited About Inside ETFs

It’s conference time, and there’s plenty to talk about in ETF-land this year.

Reviewed by: Cinthia Murphy
Edited by: Cinthia Murphy

Inside ETFs, the world’s largest ETF conference, is kicking off this Sunday, Feb. 10.

More than 2,300 financial advisors, ETF issuers, index providers and market experts are expected to descend upon South Florida to talk about all things ETF for the better part of four days. As we like to say, it’s the annual gathering of the who’s who of the ETF industry—a highlight of the year.

There’s something for everyone on the agenda this year.

Sunday kicks off with two major tracks, one focused on the basics and mechanics of ETF investing, the other focused on the business of running ETFs—including regulation, global ETF expansion and the challenges of a business where fee compression is the norm. It’s a day that has become known for its hands-on learning opportunities, and an advisor-favorite platform to exchange ideas.

Our own Dave Nadig will help get things going on Monday with his broad view of the state of the ETF industry, and where ETF investing is headed. It’s a can’t-miss, if we may say so.

Key Speakers & Topics

Other keynote speakers of note include Vanguard’s Greg Davis, who will offer his big-picture of the ETF market and the pockets where value opportunities lie; Ric Edelman, who will share his expertise on the business of ETFs, and author Michael Lewis, known for his best-selling books “The Big Short,” “Liar’s Poker,” “Moneyball” and the “The Blind Side.

Throughout the conference, there’ll be many breakout sessions covering all the latest trends in ETF investing, from thematic approaches to income-seeking to active management to bitcoin. ETF strategists will also be sharing their macro views of the markets, and their ETF picks for this year.

As an industry, in 2018, we saw 267 new ETFs come to market, making it the second-most-prolific year yet for ETF issuers. On the opposite side, ETF closures hit a record of 157 funds—a testament to the fact that the ETF market is innovating but maturing.

With more than 2,200 ETFs listed in the U.S. today, growing U.S. and global demand for the ETF wrapper, and product innovation full-steam ahead, there’s plenty to talk about at this year’s conference. (See the full agenda here.)

Our team is excited for the days ahead, and if you’re going to be there, come see us at our Genius Bar (booth) in the exhibit hall.

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