Ric Edelman: Will Spot Bitcoin ETFs Get the Green Light?

Ric Edelman: Will Spot Bitcoin ETFs Get the Green Light?

Plus, all about CBDA, the new professional designation in crypto.

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Ric Edelman: It's Monday, August 21. We do this podcast every day, The Truth About Your Future, where we talk about not only crypto, but about health and wellness, longevity, retirement security and all the subjects really that are going to determine how you live your life in the future—not only you personally, but society as a whole.

This podcast is only part of what I spend a lot of my time doing. You may well be familiar with the fact that I have a sister company to The Truth About Your Future. It’s called DACFP, the Digital Assets Council of Financial Professionals.

I created DACFP, seven or eight years ago to provide crypto education to financial professionals, investors and consumers. I've been involved in bitcoin and the crypto community since 2012, and I've discovered a long time ago two fundamental facts.  

The first is that blockchain and digital assets represent one of the most significant innovations for global commerce since the invention of the Internet.

Second, most people are unaware of this fact, and as a result, aren’t taking advantage of the technological opportunities or of the investment opportunities.

This is a particular concern for financial advisors because two-thirds of American investors work with a financial advisor. You're not out there looking for your own investments; you're relying on your advisor to give you those recommendations.  

But if advisors don't know about bitcoin and blockchain and digital assets broadly, then the advisor isn't able to give you advice and recommendations and services about that.  

So I created DACFP a long time ago to provide the level of education that financial advisors need, and we launched several years ago the certificate in blockchain and digital assets. This course has been taken by thousands of financial professionals in 37 countries. It’s the oldest and still largest education program that leads to a certificate.

And now I am very excited to tell you that our certificate course in blockchain and digital assets is now listed by FINRA as a professional designation. This course now offers you the CBDA designation. So if you're a financial advisor and you’re looking to get CE credits, our course offers you as many as 18 continuing education credits.

Plus, you earn the right to list yourself as holding the CBDA to the Certified in Blockchain and Digital Assets Professional designation listed on FINRA's database of professional designations.  

Spot Bitcoin ETFs

Also, I've written a new white paper and I'm making it available to you for free. The paper is called What You Need to Know About Spot Bitcoin ETFs.

It begins with a quick snapshot in which you very quickly get a fast summary. I explain why BlackRock, the world's largest money manager, filed an application to launch a bitcoin ETF.

What makes these new bitcoin ETF applications different from all the prior applications that have been filed over the past eight years that the SEC has all said no to? I explain what makes these new applications different and what approval of these new applications would mean for investors.  

I also explain the risks of investing in a spot bitcoin ETF and a little bit of a tease. The most important thing you need to know this paper is available to you as a financial advisor or investor. It's available free. Just go to DACFP.com. The link is in the show notes. I encourage you to read this paper today before the SEC issues its verdict about these applications. 

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Ric Edelman, founder, Digital Assets Council of Financial Professionals, is one of the most influential people in the financial planning and investment management profession, according to Investment Advisor, RIABiz and InvestmentNews. He was ranked three times as the nation’s No. 1 Independent financial advisor by Barron’s, is in two industry Halls of Fame and received the IARFC’s Lifetime Achievement Award. Edelman also holds two patents for financial product innovation. He is the industry’s top financial educator. Edelman is a #1 New York Times bestselling author of 12 books on personal finance, including his newest, The Truth About Crypto, an Amazon bestseller. He hosts The Truth About Your Future podcast and produces Public Television specials. Edelman taught personal finance at Georgetown University for nine years and is Distinguished Lecturer at Rowan University. He and his wife Jean live in Northern Virginia.