Small Cap Fund Falls Off Biggest ETF List’s biggest ETFs list shifted a bit in April, with IWM dropping out and GLD joining.
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The iShares Russell 2000 ETF (IWM | A-88) last month fell off the list of the 10 biggest ETFs, displaced by the SPDR Gold Shares (GLD | A-100), which ended April the 10th-biggest exchange-traded fund.

There isn't too much to read into the shifts, both of which occurred at a time when the U.S. economy is continuing to recover slowly from the biggest crisis in markets since the Great Depression. That has meant that GLD has steadily dropped from being the biggest ETF in the world for two days in August 2011 to fighting for a place on the top 10 list.

More broadly, it's worth the reminder that these 10 biggest ETFs make up about a quarter of total U.S.-listed ETF assets—a reflection of a top-heaviness in the 23-year-old U.S. ETF industry. Another example of this is the fact that the three biggest ETF sponsors—BlackRock's iShares, Vanguard and State Street Global Advisors—control more than three-quarters of the $2.148 trillion in total U.S.-listed assets.

Below are the Top 10 tables for both April and March 2015. IWM, which does not appear in the April table below, ended the month with assets of $26.78 billion, according to data compiled by

ETF Giants April 2015
TickerFundIssuerFlowsAUM ($M)Turnover
SPY SPDR S&P 500SSgA-13,166.99173,943.78443,639.54
IVV iShares Core S&P 500BlackRock94.0369,491.8314,011.45
EFA iShares MSCI EAFEBlackRock633.4360,414.7023,302.66
VTI Vanguard Total Stock MarketVangudar933.2555,907.296,394.84
VWO Vanguard FTSE Emerging MarketsVanguard196.5050,132.1710,547.42
QQQ PowerShares QQQInvesco PowerShares198.0139,499.3263,290.03
EEMiShares MSCI Emerging MarketsBlackRock1,434.5033,289.5446,531.17
VOO Vanguard S&P 500Vanguard476.6131,403.696,132.86
IWF iShares Russell 1000 GrowthBlackRock-309.9228,980.934,358.26
GLDSPDR GoldSSgA89.8328,044.7912,714.85

ETF Giants March 2015
TickerFundIssuerFlowsAUM ($M)Turnover
SPY SPDR S&P 500SSgA-4,728.82185,413.71571,723.69
IVV iShares Core S&P 500BlackRock-177.9968,742.6118,153.67
EFA iShares MSCI EAFEBlackRock2,409.8557,421.6227,706.90
VTIVanguard Total Stock MarketVanguard465.3654,752.316,337.63
VWOVanguard FTSE Emerging MarketsVanguard365.0146,311.3610,441.01
QQQ PowerShares QQQInvesco PowerShares-280.3838,600.0867,714.91
IWM iShares Russell 2000BlackRock2,343.0830,917.1374,814.88
VOOVanguard S&P 500Vanguard483.4530,637.036,792.58
EEM iShares MSCI Emerging MarketsBlackRock-2,196.2629,574.9247,567.16
IWF iShares Russell 1000 GrowthBlackRock410.3929,147.724,136.69 is the single source for ETF intelligence. We provide real-time ETF news and analysis to educate investors and drive financial knowledge in the space. Our personalized and accurate information, alongside industry-leading financial tools, are depended upon to develop winning investment and financial decisions. At, we strive to serve both the individual investor as well as the professional financial advisor to educate and grow the ETF community.