Advisor's Alpha: The Value of Enduring Advice

We have seen a change in the landscape of the financial advisory industry.
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As more advisors transition from the commission- to fee-based models, we have seen a change in the landscape of the financial advisory industry. An advisor's value proposition has always been easier to describe than define. That said, we know many aspects of investment advice lend themselves to an objective quantification of the added value advisors bring to their clients. Vanguard believes that value to be "about 3 percent."

Listen as Vanguard and delve into new research from Vanguard and how they're helping to quantify the value of advice. This 60-minute webinar will focus on steps advisors can implement across appropriate accounts to add as much as 3 percentage points to clients' net returns, as well as to help differentiate advisors' skills and their practice. Topics to be covered include:

  • How to considerably improve investor outcomes
  • Successfully explaining your value
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