On Demand Webinar: The Long Journey to a Spot Bitcoin ETF

On Demand Webinar: The Long Journey to a Spot Bitcoin ETF

etf.com Finance Reporter Lucy Brewster hosted a webinar on how the Spot Bitcoin ETF will shape the future of Crypto.

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Edited by: Kent Thune

With the historic approval of spot bitcoin ETFs, etf.com editors held a webinar for a wide-ranging discussion on the investment vehicle that's expected to shift the crypto landscape and bring in billions of investor money. 

Hosted by etf.com reporter Lucy Brewster, our panelists included bitcoin specialists and those who have played pivotal roles in the development of the spot bitcoin ETF. They include 21.co President and co-founder Ophelia Snyder and Bitwise Investment Management Chief Investment Officer Matt Hougan.

“In several ways, this is just the beginning, because it removes a certain cloud of regulatory uncertainty and how to access this asset class,” said Snyder. “These products simplify access, and my hope is a new cohort of people feel welcomed into this community.” 

The community of cryptocurrency followers has largely grown and developed outside the traditional wealth management industry circles. But the introduction of direct access to bitcoin through the most popular investment wrapper among financial advisors is seen as a major turning point.

As Hougan explained it, prior to spot bitcoin ETFs, which began trading Thursday, “financial advisors had to have levels of conviction 95% or higher.”

“If you think bitcoin is on a journey to really mature into what we think bitcoin can be, the ETF is a necessary point on that journey,” he added. 

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