Harnessing the Power of Factors

How to deploy minimum-volatility and multifactor strategies

CFA, iShares Investment Strategist
Reviewed by: Holly Framsted
Edited by: Holly Framsted

Investors have been inundated by smart-beta products and media rhetoric, creating a landscape littered with misconceptions. With so much noise, how do investors truly know when and how to deploy these revolutionary strategies?

Join Inside ETFs and BlackRock's iShares as we pull back the curtain and help investors better understand how to deploy minimum-volatility and multifactor strategies. This 60-minute webinar will focus on when, why and how to buy min-vol ETFs, the framework for smart-beta due diligence, and the new tools and resources available at iShares to help you be better invested.


Holly Framsted, CFA, director, is a strategist on the Equity Smart Beta team, a part of BlackRock's Retail & iShares group. In this capacity, she is responsible for providing subject matter expertise on smart-beta and factor investing to institutional and advisory clients.