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Top 10 Most Held Stocks In ETFs

The most widely held stocks by ETFs are exactly what you'd think they are.

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Thurs. Hot Reads: The $200B ETF Man, Dan Draper

Also, active funds get clobbered in April.

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6 New Thematic ETFs With Potential

These funds give investors exposure to niche areas of the market.

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2 Top Sectors As Stocks Hit New Highs

Chief investment strategist for Raymond James shares his views on the markets.

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Utilities Surge To Top Sector Spot

One sector is far ahead of the pack so far in 2016.

ETF.com Analysis

Bitcoins In This ETF Not What It Seems

Think twice before getting excited.

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 Sectors In Review

Utilities topped the other sectors in terms of performance, while energy returns plummeted.

ETF Report

 Sectors in Review

Technology outperformed the other sectors in February, while utilities brought up the rear.

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HACK Brings New Tech Allocation Ammo

What’s cooler than an ETF with a ticker like ‘HACK’? The way investors are using it.