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'EEM' Dominates In Another Strong Week For ETF Flows

$8 billion flowed into U.S.-listed ETFs in the latest week.

Daily ETF Watch

Goldman To Compete On Price

Smart-beta ETFs will come with low fees.

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PowerShares’ RAFI ETFs Hit $5B In Assets

The firm’s family of 32 Rob Arnott-linked ‘fundamental’ ETFs has reached $5 billion in AUM.

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Fundamentally Indexed ETFs Making Comeback

PowerShares exec discusses RAFI-based ETFs' original fee structure and plans to slash those costs, and recent performance turnarounds. 

ETF Report

 Small-Cap ETFs Holding Their Own

Examination of the funds' returns year-to-date through the end of the third quarter and through Oct. 10

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New ETFs Take Different Twist On S&P Indexes

Market-cap-weighted ETFs (exchange-traded funds) are being pushed by all sorts of alternatives, from Rob Arnott's fundamental-based strategy to WisdomTree's dividend and earnings focus.

But a new twist is coming. A trio of ETFs are launching Friday, each an offshoot of popular Standard & Poor's benchmarks. They'll use the same stocks as their traditional S&P benchmarks. However, the ETFs will weight names by revenue rather than market-cap sizes.

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Fundamental Faltering?

Fundamentally weighted ETFs showed mixed performance in 2007.

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A Cheaper Way To RAFI

A mutual fund launches that's cheaper than the ETFs.

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Fundamentally Schwab

Chuck Schwab ties up the rights to the RAFI indexes for U.S. mutual funds.