ETF Prime Podcast: ETF State Of The Union

Plus, the rise of the retail trader.

ETF Report

ProShares Broadens Its Focus

A firm once known primarily for its ‘controversial’ leveraged and inverse ETFs has expanded its horizons.

ETF Industry Perspective

ProShares: Why Invest In The Pet Care Industry?

Pet ownership is growing and the industry is thriving. This may mean investment opportunity.

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ETF.com Awards: Live Blog

Join ETF.com's live blog of the 6th annual ETF.com Awards ceremony.

ETF.com Live Chat!

Live Chat: Why Do ETNs Expire?

Dave Nadig answers readers' ETF questions in real time. Here's the transcript.

ETF Report

 ETF Launches: PAWZ

ProShares rolls out first-ever pet care ETF.

ETF Industry Perspective

ProShares: New ETF Unleashes Pet Care Market

'PAWZ' captures a potentially $200 billion industry driven by rising pet ownership and expanding offerings of products and services.

Daily ETF Watch

ETF Week: Pet Care ETF Debuts

There were several key launches this week.

Daily ETF Watch

First Pet Care ETF Debuts

ProShares looks to help investors benefit from the booming pet care industry.