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Russia-Ukraine Conflict Highlights These ETFs

Russia’s invasion has put the spotlight on renewable energy, aerospace & defense and cybersecurity ETFs.

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Fri. Hot Reads: ETF Deathwatch For June

Also, ETFs to ride energy’s strong earnings growth


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Oil Sell-Off A Buying Opportunity In Energy ETFs

Why oil prices won't crash like they did earlier this year.

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Why Oil Prices Haven’t Peaked Yet This Year

Oil prices peaked in June during the last two years, but this year is likely to be different.

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Avoid Oil Futures ETFs, Buy Equities Like XLE

Expect more volatility in oil ETFs as the market-rebalancing process continues.

ETF Report

 Riding The Energy Boom

Why the fortunes of oil companies are no longer tied exclusively to the price of oil.

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Oil Collapse Highlights ETF Differences

There’s nothing short of spectacular in oil’s price decline, but different ETF approaches to oil are delivering very different results.

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ETF Watch: FlexShares MBS Fund Debuts

FlexShares rolls out ETF targeting mortgage-backed securities; Direxion to close five funds.

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Daily ETF Watch: New iShares Fees, Tickers

iShares alters tickers, expense ratios on several funds.