ETF Volume Spikes Don’t Indicate Direction

Why reading too much into one-day-ETF volume anomalies will lead you down a primrose path.

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Rydex ETFs To Get Guggenheim Name

It’s official: Rydex ETFs will have the Guggenheim name from March 1. Analysis

Industrial Power

There’s reason to believe industrials could recover. If they do, what’s the right ETF play?

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The Alternative View: Equal Weighting Large-Caps

In rough markets, ETFs that equal-weight stocks can prove worthy alternatives or complements to traditional market-cap-sized S&P 500 funds.

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 The right ETF for the job

It’s not the product, it’s what it does in the portifolio

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SPDRs Spread Their Web

SSgA has filed for the right to launch 16 new international ETFs, in one of the most important ETF filings in recent history. The new funds will give SSgA a complete lineup of global and regional ETFs, and will position the company to capitalize on the growing interest in international investing. The filings will put significant pressure on BGI, which has had, until this year, a near monopoly on international ETFs.

The funds are shown in the shaded box below.

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 Rydex adds nine sectors

The Rockville, Md-based mutual fund and ETF manager, Rydex Investments, added nine equal weight sectors to its growing cadre of ETFs. All nine were listed in early November and all track the following S&P equal weight sector indexes: consumer discretionary (AMEX: RCD); consumer staples (AMEX: RHS); energy (AMEX: RYE); financial services (AMEX: RYF); healthcare (AMEX: RGI); industrial (AMEX: RGI); basic materials (AMEX: RYT); technology (AMEX: RTM); and utilities (AMEX: RYU).

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Rydex Rolling

Rydex Investments launches nine equal-weight sector funds, as it builds its successful equal-weight ETF franchise.