Yes, Transparency Is Still A Good Thing

The SEC proposes that less information is more. It isn't.


ETF Prime Podcast: New Active ETFs Game Changers

Also, how real assets and hedge fund replication ETFs fit in a portfolio. Analysis

The Stealth Marijuana Play In Your ETF

One in six U.S. ETFs has a connection to the marijuana industry.

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Best Of 2016: This Year's Most Innovative New ETFs

2016 has seen many new ETFs that offer new exposures or new approaches to exposures already available. Analysis

S&P 500: The Best Crowdsourcing Tool

The deepest and most vested crowdsourcing tool has been around forever.

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 ETFs Offer Hedge Fund Returns, Without The Fees

Hedge funds often promise outsized alpha. Reality, however, rarely lives up to the hype.

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Hedge Fund ETFs Still Fighting Head Winds

We take a look at hedge fund ETFs following famed investor Bill Ackman's big purchase of Chipotle stock.

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Understanding The Beta In ALFA

ETF addresses the problem of lagging returns in alternatives during bull markets by controlling beta.

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Hedge Fund ETFs Just As Bad As Hedge Funds

Far from delivering alpha, these hedge fund ETFs are lagging the broader markets.