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Zero Fee ETF Crosses $1B in AUM for First Time

Zero-fee exchange-traded funds may be catching on.

Features and News

First 'Zero Fee' ETF Filed

New funds from online finance company SoFi would waive fees for first year.

ETF Strategist Corner

Key Trends Taking Shape In REITs

As REITs complete their transition out of financials and into their own new equity sector, ETF investors have plenty of things to consider going forward.

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Best Of 2016: What The New Real Estate Sector Means For ETFs

Real estate is about to stand on its own, leaving the confines of the financials sector, and triggering a wave of change across the ETF landscape.

Features and News

Best Of 2016: The Cheapest ETFs In The World

Competitive pressures have pushed ETF fees to once-unheard of-levels, which is a boon for long-term investors.

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 Smart-Beta Launches

Out bimonthly look at the launches, closure and top funds in the smart-beta space