ETF Report

Spotlighting The Smaller Players

This year’s awards highlight smaller players.

ETF Strategist Corner

Alpha's Not Dead

Like punk rock, alpha is very much alive. Analysis

More Thematic ETFs Face Investors

Cloud computing, cannabis and robotic ETFs growing in bunches.

Daily ETF Watch

Another Cloud Computing ETF Debuts

WisdomTree delves further into the thematic investment space.

Features and News

Battle Of Cloud Computing ETFs

These two funds are hot, but they couldn’t be more different.

Weekly ETF Flows

ETF Inflows Surpass Last Year

A strong week for inflows pushes year to date ETF inflows to nearly $133 billion, ahead of last year’s pace.

Weekly ETF Flows

‘SKYY’ Leads Weekly Inflows To $29B

Investors plowed into U.S. equity ETFs as the S&P 500 hit a record high this week.

Features and News

ETF Of The Week: Cloud Computing Rises

When it comes to thematic funds, 'CLOU' proves it pays to look under the hood.

Daily ETF Watch

Cloud Computing ETF Debuts

Global X expands its thematic ETF offering.