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See the top-performing biotech ETFs and the potential benefits of investing.

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The Recent Bullish Trend in IBB, XBI Looks Shaky

Rising interest rates taking steam from rally that powered in IBB and XBI. 

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Subversive Launches ETF to Focus on Mental Health

The debut highlights the lack of funds focused on the area.

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Biotech May Offer Compelling Value

IBB has fallen less than the S&P 500 this year, and may beat again in 2023.

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ETFs Find a Role in a Long-Term Portfolio

Albion Financial’s Jason Ware sees funds as mainstays in ‘core-satellite’ planning.

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New Syntax ETF Has More Granular Approach

The fund covers the same market as an existing Syntax ETF, but invests mainly in individual stocks rather than other ETFs.

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Vir Jumps 20% On S&P SmallCap 600 News

Currently, 66 ETFs are affected, but it will be added to even more funds soon.

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ETF Battles: IBB Vs XBI

Which biotech ETF is the better choice?

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COVID Biotech ETFs Rise At Fever Pace

ETFs that look at a subsector of biotech have significantly outperformed broader biotech funds this year.