Commodities ETF Overview

Commodities are known as the raw materials for production processes. Investing in them provides investors with exposure to unique factors that historically have brought diversification and inflation hedging benefits to traditional portfolios. Nowadays, ETFs have expanded the availability of commodity investments providing exposure to single commodities and commodity-linked indexes. At the same time, ETFs have exposed investors to a new set of risk factors that may be unfamiliar to the average investor.

This channel is designed to help you understand commodity ETFs, how they work, how they are built, their risks and their rewards, so that you can decide if commodity ETFs deserve a place in your portfolio.

With 102 ETFs traded on the U.S. markets, Commodities ETFs have total assets under management of $143.04B. The average expense ratio is 0.69%. Commodities ETFs can be found in the following asset classes:

  • Commodities

The largest Commodities ETF is the SPDR Gold Trust GLD with $59.51B in assets. In the last trailing year, the best-performing Commodities ETF was UCO at 120.70%. The most recent ETF launched in the Commodities space was the iShares Gold Trust Micro IAUM on 06/15/21.

Top ETF Performers

BOIL ProShares Ultra Bloomberg Natural Gas 47.67%
JO iPath Series B Bloomberg Coffee Subindex Total Return ETN 28.81%
GAZ iPath Series B Bloomberg Natural Gas Subindex Total Return ETN 21.70%
UNG United States Natural Gas Fund LP 21.62%
UNL United States 12 Month Natural Gas Fund LP 16.84%

Bottom ETF Performers

KOLD ProShares UltraShort Bloomberg Natural Gas -34.17%
GRN iPath Series B Carbon ETN -7.15%
KRBN KraneShares Global Carbon ETF -4.49%
NIB iPath Bloomberg Cocoa Subindex Total Return ETN -3.91%
DZZ DB Gold Double Short ETN -3.74%

Top Creations

COMT iShares GSCI Commodity Dynamic Roll Strategy ETF 483.25
IAU iShares Gold Trust 261.97
GLD SPDR Gold Trust 165.15
FTGC First Trust Global Tactical Commodity Strategy Fund 159.24
KRBN KraneShares Global Carbon ETF 99.09

Top Redemptions

SLV iShares Silver Trust -481.87
USO United States Oil Fund LP -313.28
DBA Invesco DB Agriculture Fund -73.35
UCO ProShares Ultra Bloomberg Crude Oil -73.22
GSG iShares S&P GSCI Commodity Indexed Trust -57.58

AUM Winners

IAUM iShares Gold Trust Micro 6,470.30%
IGLD FT Cboe Vest Gold Strategy Target Income ETF 79.89%
GAZ iPath Series B Bloomberg Natural Gas Subindex Total Return ETN 47.61%
UNL United States 12 Month Natural Gas Fund LP 18.80%
FUE ELEMENTS Linked to the ICE BofAML Commodity Index eXtra Biofuels - Total Return ETN 18.68%

AUM Losers

UGA United States Gasoline Fund LP -27.61%
OILK ProShares K-1 Free Crude Oil Strategy ETF -23.84%
SOYB Teucrium Soybean Fund -20.25%
GLL ProShares UltraShort Gold -18.11%
COW iPath Series B Bloomberg Livestock Subindex Total Return ETN -16.53%

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