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Index Investor Corner

A Boring Investor’s Gambling Portfolio

Even for boring index investors, it’s OK to have some fun with a gambling portfolio.

Index Investor Corner

Roth: Retort To ‘Problems With Index Funds’

Nine answers to Larry Swedroe's nine problems with index funds.

Index Investor Corner

Investors: Beware Sound Economic Analysis

Widely known information versus unique info is the key to understanding what moves markets.

Index Investor Corner

Roth: How To Earn A High, Risk-Free Return

Paying down or paying off your home mortgage is a great investment.

Index Investor Corner

Roth: Why Interest Rates Fooled Us

Using a laddered bond fund can soften the blow if and when rates do rise.

Index Investor Corner

Allan Roth: Sophisticated Fear And Greed

Investors need to stop listening to their irrational impulses, have a plan and stick to it, Roth says.

Index Investor Corner

Roth: Why Investors Repeat Mistakes

Investors claim to understand how they blundered; why do they blunder again?

Index Investor Corner

Roth: Simple ETF Strategies Work

Investors should strive to keep things simple, Allan Roth says.

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Active Investing Strategies

Some approaches that distinguish one financial planner from being a passive investor ...