Dan Mika

Dan Mika is a reporter for ETF.com. He has previously covered business for the Ames Tribune and Cedar Rapids Gazette in Iowa, and BizWest Media in Fort Collins, Colorado. Dan holds a bachelor's degree in journalism from Truman State University.

ETF Watch

Federated Hermes Joins The ETF Space

The $634 billion asset manager makes its debut with two fixed income funds.

Weekly ETF Flows

Index Updates Skew Weekly ETF Flows

Expect a lot of noise from ETF flows data this week and next.

ETF Watch

BlackRock Debuts Umbrella Thematic ETF

The active fund aims to capture the best of thematic investing.

Daily ETF Watch

An ETF For Gen Z Lands

'ZGEN' hopes to capture the companies favored by the latest generation entering adulthood.

Daily ETF Watch

Goldman Debuts 'ActiveBeta' ESG ETF

‘GPAL’ aims to halve the carbon intensity footprint of a standard large cap index.

Daily ETF Watch

BNY Mellon Launches 3 ESG ETFs

It’s the first ESG-tinted offering from BNY.

Features and News

BlackRock Offers 2022 Outlook

The webinar included such issues as inflation, themes and climate.

ETF Watch

JP Morgan Debuts 2nd ESG ETF

‘TEMP’ is the asset management giant’s active climate-focused ETF.

ETF Watch

2 Motley Fool Mutual Funds Convert To ETFs

Approximately $942 million in assets will move over.