Dave Nadig

Prior to becoming chief investment officer and director of research at ETF Trends, Dave Nadig was managing director of ETF.com. Previously, he was director of ETFs at FactSet Research Systems. Before that, as managing director at BGI, Nadig helped design some of the first ETFs. As co-founder of Cerulli Associates, he conducted some of the earliest research on fee-only financial advisors and the rise of indexing.

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ETFs Vs. Mutual Funds

ETF Managing Director Dave Nadig discusses the differences between index mutual funds and ETFs.

ETF Report

The Long Game

Impact investing is waiting its turn as interest in it grows.

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Inside ETFs: Carving A Niche In ETF Land

Principal’s Paul Kim on building an ETF footprint by focusing on smart-beta ETFs and actively managed funds.

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Inside ETFs: Performance Matters In Smart Beta ETFs

Hartford Funds’ Ben Quah says strong performance is behind the firm’s success with smart-beta strategies.

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Inside ETFs: ESG Isn’t All About Exclusion

Goldman Sachs Asset Management’s Sachs says ESG investing goes beyond excluding companies from a mix.

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Digging Deep On Dividend Defense

In this age of buybacks, how are we to make sense of the options?

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How Secure Is Your Vaulted Gold?

ETF.com Managing Director Dave Nadig addresses whether you should worry about investing in a gold ETF: Is there any gold in that vault?

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Inside ETFs: How Equity Research Fuels New ETF Ideas

Sanford Bernstein’s Van Brugge on how the firm turned research into indexes, and ETFs that aim to generate alpha.

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Tilting At ETF Windmills

Time to debunk another mythology about what really happens with ETF trading.