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Arnott: Investment Bargains Require Fear Factor

Emerging market stocks and bonds are ‘uncomfortable’ investments at the moment, but present true value opportunities.

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Fitzsimmons: Why Euro Stocks Have More Room To Run

Eurozone stocks have room to run higher as the fundamentals in the region improve in the coming year.

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Bernstein: Energy & MLPs In Bubble Environment

CEO of Richard Bernstein Advisors talks about the energy space.

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Bernstein: Muni ETFs Ripe, More MLP Risk

Despite the ECB’s latest round of stimulus measures, Axel Merk still likes the euro, along with the British pound and Aussie dollar. Analysis

Germany Euro Hedged ETFs Merit More Love

In the growing world of currency-hedged ETFs, Germany strategies are getting short shrift.

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Marc Faber: US Stocks Overvalued, Gold & Oil Shares Ripe

Gold miners and oil shares are two relatively inexpensive sectors with rebound potential.

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Emerging-Consumer ETFs As Varied As A Mall

The future of the emerging markets is likely to be prospective, but quite different from the first glorious phase. Analysis

The Most Overlooked Country ETF On Earth

A closer look at a neglected China ETF whose time has clearly come.