Elisabeth Kashner

Elisabeth Kashner is FactSet's director of ETF research. She is responsible for the methodology powering FactSet's Analytics system, providing leadership in data quality, investment analysis and ETF classification. Kashner also serves as co-head of the San Francisco chapter of Women in ETFs.

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 Bold Strategic Beta In Bond Land

Strategic beta bond funds offer everyday investors increasingly precise tools, but you need to know how they work.

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 Navigating The Strategic Beta Explosion

What all those smart-beta ETF names actually mean for your portfolio.

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Deconstructing Smart Beta

Practical solutions for investors to incorporate risk factors in their portfolios

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ETF Investors Loved Vanilla Funds In 2014

Broad-based, cap-weighted funds ceded no ground to strategic beta last year.

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The Importance Of 2014’s Least Popular ETF

The losers often tell a pithier tale than the winners.