John Hyland

John Hyland, CFA, is a retired ETF executive and longtime investment industry professional who has contributed articles to He currently sits as an independent director on the board of the Esoterica NextG Economy ETF (ticker: WUGI). Hyland is also a director of Matthews International, the investment advisor to the Matthews Asia family of mutual funds.

Bitcoin & Crypto

Investors Might Want To Give Bitcoin Futures Another Look

A look at gold offers an argument for why they should.

Features and News

DFA Crashes ETF Party. Who’s Next?

The $30 billion in ETF conversions is just the beginning for mutual fund issuers.

Features and News

One Year In, Active ETFs Gain Promise

While it’s early, the promise of active ETFs is seeing green shoots Analysis

Early Innings For New Active ETFs

Fund characteristics of new active arrivals are emerging.

Features and News

How Mutual Funds Convert To ETFs

With the new traditional active ETFs waiting at the gates, this may be a watershed moment for mutual fund companies.

Features and News

Aussie Lessons About Nontransparent ETFs

The new nontransparent ETFs coming to America have been through the tests in Australia.

Journal Of Indexes

The Importance Of Benchmark Choice In Commodities

It may matter more than it does for stocks or bonds.