Theo Andrew

Theo Andrew joined ETF Stream as a senior reporter in September 2021. He has over four years of investment writing experience spanning pensions and retail investments, most recently at Citywire, where he was a senior reporter covering environmental, social and governance investing.

Features and News

High Conviction Investing: An Emerging Megatrend

Why the time is now for high conviction trading.

Features and News

SEC Examines Role Of Index Providers In Investment Decisions

Regulator assessing whether index providers should be regulated as investment advisors.

Bitcoin & Crypto

‘Crypto Winter’: Pain Continues As Bitcoin Dips Below $20,000

Bitcoin trading is at its lowest price since December 2020.

Features and News

Invesco Launches Paris-Aligned Emerging Market ETF

The ETF issuer now has five Paris-aligned benchmark products.

Features and News

Global X’s Plans After ETFS Australia Acquisition

Nowhere is Global X’s ability to grow quickly more apparent than its recent expansion across Europe.

Features and News

Online Platforms To Be Biggest ETF Demand Driver Over Next 3 Years

A recent PwC survey noted during the pandemic, investors turned to robo advisors and digital platforms.

Features and News

Concerns Raised On ETF Securities Lending Fees Practices

Fee and revenue splits between asset managers and securities lending agents to be investigated.

Features and News

Emerging Markets In Need Of Overhaul?

Geopolitical tensions and a reverse in globalization has left many investors feeling it’s time for fresh ideas on emerging markets.

Features and News

DWS Sees ESG Screens Tighten On 6 ETFs

Effective June 1, the changes will see the indexes add a set of low carbon rules.